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About The Election in Venezuela…

This time we’ll go again to Latin America, and Venezuela to be specific, as you noticed from the title. They just had a parliamentary election there. The right-wing coalition “Democratic Unity Roundtable” lead by Henrique Capriles won the majority of 99 seats out of 167 over the left-wing socialist “Great Patriotic Pole” coalition lead by the president Nicolas Maduro and his party (United Socialist Party of Venezuela).

The supporters of the victorious right-wing appeared on TV, celebrating, wearing Anonymous masks (just like our You Stink), and waving with flags, while president Maduro acknowledged the loss.

Maduro casting his vote. Image found on his official twitter account.

Maduro, and Chavez before him (who started the Bolivarian Revolution),are known for their support of the Palestinian cause and all the causes of the oppressed people in the world, so this loss is not just a loss for Venezuela but for all the the global struggle against Zionism and neo-liberalism. However, should we cry, mourn and bury the Bolivarian Revolution? Definitely no. Any struggle like that faces challenges, difficulties, ups and downs. And this loss is one of those challenges. Factors like the economic crisis, instability of security and media campaigns are behind it.

We know western countries won’t leave alone any country which decides to stand up to U.S. hegemony and have its own way. Examples are everywhere from Iran to Russia to Cuba. U.S. government wants Latin America to be its “backyard”again and would do anything to achieve that. So it imposes threats on Venezuela, destabilizing its economy by capitalist corporations and its security by sending thugs through Colombia. Venezuelan media (which is mostly owned by the right-wing opposition; at least western media can’t whine that there’s no “freedom of expression” in Venezuela due to this fact) would make it look like the socialist government of Maduro is the cause of those problems, so that people would blame Maduro and vote for U.S-backed right-wing. They were fooled into thinking that the right-wing will reform the economy and fix the security, but this is wrong. The right-wing does not want to save Venezuela; they are Zionists who serve foreign interests. Maybe those who voted for them will learn from their mistake later on.

So yes, the result was disappointing but it was kind of expected due to all what that country is going through and the large propaganda against Maduro from international and Venezuelan media alike. The most important thing is to know that this is not the end. Maduro and his party should realize that the real victory is not for the right-wing or its supporters in the White House, but for the Bolivarian Revolution to come out of this challenge stronger than ever. So the right-wing supporters can celebrate and wave with flags as much as they want now, but they don’t know that the Chavez legacy won’t be stopped simply like that. What Chavez fought for since years is not to be stopped in one day.


Let’s talk about abortion…


Just to clarify, I’m against it unless in cases such as giving birth being a danger to the mother’s life. Now before I get called a “religious fanatic”, I’m not religious. I don’t need to be religious to have ethical manners. I don’t need religion to know that murdering an innocent child is unethical.

Now those who are “pro-choice” would argue that governments banning abortion would cause women to go for abortion in an unhealthy, illegal way. I would say that governments issuing a law against abortion won’t solve the problem; so how about governments improving the economical situation so that if women get pregnant they can be secure about providing for their future kids? How about governments educating people about ethical manners in schools so that they know it’s wrong to murder an innocent child? The problem has to be solved from its roots. And even those abortion clinics are involved with illegal acts. Ever heard of the abortion clinic called Planned Parenthood selling body parts of aborted babies to private companies for research? This is so disgusting I don’t know what to say anymore.

Those who think that by supporting abortion they are supporting freedom of choice, well, the truth is that, whether they know it or not, they are supporting the dehumanization and depopulation of human beings.