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Black Lives Do NOT Matter to Soros!

To begin with, some would get sensitive now and say “you’re not black so you have no right to criticize Black Lives Matter, otherwise you’re racist and you hate black people”. Well, yes, I’m not black or African American, but if telling the truth is racist then there’s no hope for the world we live in. Don’t think that there are only two sides: either pro-Black Lives Matter or a white supremacist.

APTOPIX Million Man March Anniversary
credit: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Show me a movement of black liberation from the black people, by the black people and for the black people (not from elite activists and liberal billionaires) then I would be the first one to support it.

So in the light of the recent events, there are suspicions that the “Black Lives Matter” movement is infiltrated, or the word that is often used is “co-opted”. To be clear, infiltrating or co-opting a movement means that the movement was originally genuine and grassroot, then it got hijacked by an outside factor which intervened and directed it to a different direction.


So is BLM co-opted / infiltrated or was it suspicious from the very beginning, since the days it was founded ? This movement, which started as supposedly a protest, a response, to the violence against African Americans, was founded by few black women. Let’s take a look at the background of some of these women, as well as that of other prominent BLM activists.

1. Alicia Garza: BLM co-founder. Activist and writer. Her writings were featured in The Guardian, Rolling Stone, and Huffington Post. She was awarded twice by the Harvey Milk Democratic Club (affiliated to the Democratic Party).

2. Opal Tometi: of Nigerian origin. BLM co-founder. Like Alicia Garza, her work was published in mainstream media outlets such as Time Magazine and Huffington Post. She participated with the UN’s “Global Forum on Migration” and “Commission on the Status of Women”. In 2013, she was invited to the White House to meet Heather Foster, Obama’s liaison on African American community. She runs “Black Alliance for Just Immigration”, which received $100,000 from the one and only one, George Soros, through his Open Society Foundations, in 2011.

Soros is the billionaire who is famous for for funding activists, NGOs and civil society organizations that caused protests and unrest in countries all over the world. He funded several BLM organizations such as “Organisation for Black Struggle” and “Dream Defenders”. Moreover, “Colorlines“, an online magazine which highly promoted BLM through social media, received from Soros $200,000 . Colorlines is issued by a research center called Race Foward (formerly known as Applied Research Center), which one of its board members was awarded by Soros’ “Open Society Foundations”.


3. Patrisse Cullors: Another BLM co-founder and activist. Works for Ella Baker Center for Human Rights (on its list of donors you find Soros’ “Open Society Foundations”) as a “Director of Special Projects“. She and the other two BLM co-founders (Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi) were runners-up in 2015 for “The Person of the Year” of a magazine called “The Advocate” (an evil witch is on the mag cover on WikiPic) along with other elite celebrity figures involved with LGBT activism such as Miley Cyrus and Caitlyn Jenner.

From left to right: Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi

4. Johnetta Elzie: BLM activist, and Amnesty International field organizer. Yep, the same Soros-backed Amnesty International. She also co-edits the protest newsletter called “This Is The Movement” along with fellow BLM activist Deray McKesson.

5. Deray McKesson: BLM activist. He met Bernie Sanders and went to a Hillary Clinton rally. Not judging anyone here, but a supposed revolutionary would be aware enough that Hillary Clinton has nothing good to offer neither to the African American community nor to anyone except her elite friends. Back to Deray; Yale invited him as a guest lecturer on “Transformational Leadership”. The name of the course itself is suspicious. Recruiting NGO activists usually takes place at universities, as well as training them to be “leaders” and active in civil society. “Fabricating” and training student activists in such “laboratories” is typical nowadays, so instead of having leaders, or activists who emerge out of the aspirations of their own local community, we have faux-leaders and faux-activists emerging out of establishment NGOs aspirations. McKesson worked for “Teach For America“, an organization which basically recruits graduates to become teachers. If you skim through its list of donors you’ll come across some jaw-dropping names of big capitalist corporations and elite foundations such as Chevron, Bank of America, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Monsanto Fund, and… Goldman Sachs.

6. Shaun King: another BLM activist. Like Deray McKesson, he’s also a big fan of the Democratic Party. He launched “Justice Together” in 2015, whose board includes Deray McKesson as well as people from the Rockfeller Foundation.

So, we basically have BLM founders and activists invited to the White House, participated in UN programs, promoted by elite media such as The Guardian, Rolling Stone etc, worked for “non-profit” organizations financed by the big corporations and/or by Soros, praised by university corporates as “transformational leaders”, promoting and promoted by the Democratic Party, as well as BLM organizations and media outlets themselves receiving funds from Soros. Such a movement that has dubious connections could not be much of the radical anti-establishment group we wished for.

The famous African American activist Assata Shakur, who BLM consider as an idol (or claim to do so), is wanted by the US government and accused by it of murder. She is NOT promoted in mainstream media, she’s denounced instead. She’s NOT invited to meet officials or presidential candidates; those see her as a criminal, and even a terrorist. Rulers and their media hate and defame true radicals, not promote them!

One of those women is Aurielle Lucier (BLM activist). The other is a witch whose name I don’t remember. Also the “fist” sign makes one look rebellious and cool 

“Radical leftists” not so radical, after all. In short, controlled opposition. Black Lives Matter? More like Soros’ Dollars Matter. Not exactly saying that there are no good people whatsoever in this movement with good intentions. I’m sure there are, and they’re there because they got their hopes up about the movement not knowing who is behind it. So no, BLM is not “infiltrated”, however, it infiltrates.

What’s more shocking is that an israeli version of BLM, in israel, protested, in opposition to police brutality there against Jewish black people, at the same time when BLM protests erupted in Baltimore, USA.


Definitely black people in israel aren’t as privileged as white Ashkenazi Jews, but they’re both occupying the land of the Palestinians to which they have no right! So what about Palestinian lives? Don’t they matter? Even let’s not forget that African Americans as well are on a land which is not theirs, just like white Americans, the land is for the natives, the difference is that the ancestors of African Americans came there against their own will, as slaves.

So why did Soros and his globalist friends make such a movement emerge? Does Soros actually have compassion for black people and wants to help them get out of their suffering? Definitely no. Soros & Co do not care about African Americans. Black lives do not matter for them, and will never matter! Soros has an agenda which he wants to achieve through BLM. What is this agenda?

Probably US government is afraid. Afraid that a true movement for black liberation would come out and challenge them. So they and Soros created a movement which claims the cause and at the same time is supported by mainstream liberals. They want to infiltrate the black community, and their struggle for liberation, with movements and organizations similar to those who caused the “Arab Spring”.


And BLM aren’t really clear about their goals. Like, if their goal is to end police brutality, then let’s face it, police brutality is not only a problem of black people, white people also suffer from it especially if they are poor or homeless, also other ethnicities like Hispanics. So why only oppose police brutality against blacks, why not oppose police brutality against EVERYONE? And why not focus on other aspects in which black people are oppressed? Definitely they have other problems that are as important as police brutality (which isn’t the problem of them alone).


Moreover, one of the BLM organizations created the slogan “hands up, don’t shoot”. I do have issues with the BDS-ish “nonviolent resistance” and “civil disobedience”, however, if BLM claim to follow such a norm then why do they promote the thug life and gangster culture? This kind of culture is NOT revolutionary armed resistance, it is a stereotype created by the media to brand black people, so why embrace the stereotype, why not fight it? Malcolm X must be turning in his grave right now.


And sometimes the movement goes into extremes and turns to hating white people altogether. It could be a reaction to the racism existing in the US society, but blind reactions lead the cause nowhere. How would you solve racism with more racism? Especially, as mentioned before, that there are white people who are also oppressed, by the police. Instead of people of all races uniting against the government, they fight because of their skin color. Well done Soros, with the divide-and-conquer method.


So I’ll address this issue because I noticed that only right-wing and alt-right websites are complaining about it (for example here), and anyone who reads this blog would know that it supports neither right-wing nor alt-right, and someone other than them should talk about this. Basically, Soros Dollars Matter decided to antagonize the so-called “Western-prescribed nuclear family”.  In the “Guiding Principles” section of their official website, in the “Black Villages” part, they consider their goal as follows:

“We are committed to disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another, and especially “our” children to the degree that mothers, parents and children are comfortable.”

Yes, the nuclear family living alone is a western thing, a tribe living together is the African thing, but this tribe * is * formed of a bunch of nuclear families, with mother, father and kids, so you can’t revive the tribal system if you dismantle the nuclear family and form some hippie-dippie communes. It’s really difficult to revive it and you solve nothing by “disrupting the western nuclear family structure”. The white and black elite in the US already stereotype poor black people and then enforce those stereotypes on them in their lives: thug life, drugs, gangs, family disintegration, moral degeneracy… and BLM is doing the same, promoting all this, but they do it under the pretext of “liberation”, because BLM ARE from the elite, by the elite and for the elite, and if you think otherwise then – sorry to break it to you – you’re brainwashed by the elite.



Who is behind the #YouStink (‏#طلعت_ريحتكم‬) Campaign in Lebanon?


Recently, the capital of Lebanon is witnessing another Lebanese Spring (like the Arab Spring; with the first Lebanese one being the Cedar Revolution in 2005).

The country is already full of economic problems, corruption, sectarianism and so on, and above all those came the garbage crisis. All this is what the #YouStink campaign claims to be protesting against in Beirut. That’s why they call their campaign #YouStink ; it is directed to corrupt politicians who do not solve the garbage crisis effecting Lebanon. The protests began peacefully; but they ended up with violence where people with covered faces started breaking glasses of cars, shop fronts, throwing stuff at the security forces and removing street signs out of their places.

The organizers of the #YouStink campaign said that those who started using violence are merely infiltrators; and insisted that peaceful protesting is the way which their campaign follows. Whether those violent rioteers were really infiltrators or a part of the original campaign is not the question.

The protesters claim to be ”leftist” and ”secular”; though they were shouting slogans that were used by Islamists during the Arab Spring in countries like Egypt. #YouStink claims; on its Facebook page to be a ”grassroot organization”. However; their coordinator Imad Bazzi is trained by Otpor. Otpor, with its CANVAS Institution, trains activists (with financial support from George Soros) and it is behind the Arab Spring, as well as opponent activism in places like Iran, Latin America, etc… The purpose of ”activists” of this kind is not to fight corruption, or to solve anything (like the garbage crisis for example)…history has proven that their purpose is to destabilize countries.


Our friend Imad Bazzi; the Otpor-backed activist and coordinator of #YouStink is also a blogger, ex TV/Radio host, and currently working as a councillor for a local Lebanese TV channel. The Foreign Policy Magazine picked him, in 2011, as one of the Most influential Bloggers in the Mediterranean.


He is also an environmental activist who previously worked for Greenpeace. I previously exposed the hypocrisy of environmental activism and the fact that those misanthropes are after depopulating the planet (from the populations of third world countries of course; because ”let those savages die, who cares”) rather than solving the environmental problems; in addition to cooperating with and getting financed by companies who pollute the environment.

Mr. Bazzi also was one of those who protested asking the ex-Lebanese president Emile Lahoud to resign the presidency in 2006. Emile Lahoud is a pride for us Lebanese Christians, and for all Lebanon as well, because he supports the Lebanese armed resistance against Israel. That’s why activists serving a foreign agenda do not like him.

We want reforms in Lebanon; we want the garbage crisis to be solved. But destabilizing the country won’t solve anything; it would make it worse. And it’s time to tell Soros and Otpor: You Stink!


Syriza’s connection to George Soros

When I first heard that a left-wing party won the Greek elections, I got my hopes up. Now I know that Alexis Tsipras, the Syriza leader and the Greek prime minister is no more than controlled opposition supported by Soros. Syriza agreed on reforms imposed by the lenders of Greece, and they are austerity measures which even a right-wing Greek party called The Golden Dawn refused. Thus, Tsipras and his party are abandoning everything they stood for during their electoral campaign.

Tsipras himself declared his support for Palestine directly after he won the 2015 elections by saying “today Athens and tomorrow Gaza”, but now the Greek foreign minister visited Israel (right during the time of the latest 2015 referendum where the Greek people voted “no” to the bail-out conditions imposed by the Troika). A sudden change in the stands of Syriza might be shocking for some people, including myself, but those who knew that Soros backs the so called “left-wing” Greek party would never have been shocked. Instead of strengthening Greece’s relations with alternative supporters like Russia/BRICS, they rush to Israel.

Soros and his Open Society Foundations have supported an “independent” media center called Indymedia, which forms a so called “leftist/anarchist” group that forms a part of Syriza .

In 2013, Soros himself helped in arranging a visit for Tsipras to the USA so that Tsipras could address the public in the states. In the USA, Tsipras went to the Brookings Institute (owned by Soros) to give a speech, and he also met US state Department officials.

Slavoj Žižek, a supporter of the Soros-backed Russian feminists Pussy Riot (he exchanged letters with imprisoned Pussy Riot member Nadezhda Tolokonnikova) also supports Syriza, and his student was Pablo Iglesias Turrión, the leader of the Spanish party “Podemos” (which is a Spanish version of Syriza).


Photo: Syriza’s Alexis Tsipras (left) and Podemos’ Pablo Iglesias Turrión (right). 

So instead of a genuine opposition to the barbaric austerity measures imposed by the Troika, here come some fake-leftists because Soros never leaves an issue without meddling his millions in it.


Another member of the Soros mafia..

So I was just looking at old stuff which I collected over the years and I found some pamphlet which I got at a bookfair once, about an NGO here in Lebanon (it is basically an “artistic” NGO which promotes modern art in the region) and in the list of supporters look what I spotted:


Soros’ Open Society Foundations are one of their supporters and they’re not even hiding it or ashamed of it – it’s like hey yeah we’re supported by Soros and we show it straight in your face.

No NGO is innocent, not even if it is specialized in something that has nothing to do with politics (such as art).

Beware of NGOs!

Below are some NGOs which you might have heard about in the news or any media, or have at least an idea about their activities, along with the explanation of the involvement of George Soros.



I remember when I was in high school, people from this NGO came to my class offering to take Lebanese students to study for a year in the USA. Some of the AMIDEAST founders are CIA officers. AMIDEAST supposedly aims at enhancing cooperation between the people of the USA and those of the Middle East. It is financially supported directly by the Open Society Foundations (Soros’ foundations).

Human Rights Watch


Originally founded to ensure that the ex-Soviet countries are complying with theHelsinki Accords, HRW is another NGO on the payroll of Soros. In 2010, he directly gave a $100 million gift to them through his Open Society Foundations. He said:“Human Rights Watch is one of the most effective organizations I support… Human rights underpin our greatest aspirations: they’re at the heart of open societies.”



It’s name means “voice” in several languages, and you might have been asked by someone on social media to sign some online petition organized by it. Founded by the advocacy group MoveOn (which is financed by Soros and supported the Occupy Wall Street movement). Soros’ Open Society Foundations gave AVAAZ $600,000 in 2009.

Amnesty International 


This “human rights” NGO is based in the UK and has more than 7 million members/supporters all over the world, and it got $125,000 in 2009/2010 from Open Society Foundations. It also received financial support from the European Commission and the US State Department (”non-governmental”, right?)

Amnesty International gave the Soros-backed Russian feminist group Pussy Riot the status of “prisoners of conscience”.

editthey did the same as with Pussy Riot with the US-backed Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez after he was sentenced to 13 years in prison in September 2015.



Yes, even them. I will talk about BDS more than the rest of the NGOs because it gets usually huge support from the pro-Palestinian activists (or most of those activists – only few are aware about its truth).

BDS basically is concerned with the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and it is not just one group; it is composed of several groups that support and organize its campaigns. You probably heard of campaigns asking you not to eat at McDonald’s, not go to Starbucks, not to drink Coca-Cola, and not to attend a concert of a band/singer who played in Israel previously. All those campaigns are organized by BDS, because enterprises such as McDonald’s, Starbucks and Coca-Cola support Israel. BDS proposes boycotting enterprises that invest in Israel, asking investors to withdraw their investment there, and asking people all over the world not to buy Israeli products, and to enforce economic sanctions on Israel. To begin with, the BDS founder Omar Barghouti studies at the university of Tel Aviv. What kind of “boycott” is this?

And what’s the benefit of economic sanctions if Israel keeps on getting support; financially and by weapons, from the USA?!

BDS works its propaganda on the everytime-you-drink-coca-cola-a-palestinian-child-gets-killed mumbo jumbo and on begging Alicia Keys not to play in Israel, because if Alicia Keys cancels her concert in Israel, the Palestinian lands would be liberated, Palestinian refugees will go back home, and BOOM-everything is solved, right? BDS activists also go to Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon and make Palestinian kids there aware about boycotting…because they have McDonald’s and Starbucks in the refugee camps, right?

I am not against boycott AT ALL, but I don’t see it as a solution to the Palestinian problem. The only solution for the problem is armed struggle; this is the only effective way for the liberation of the Palestinian people. I myself don’t go to Starbucks, but I don’t see that my not going to Starbucks would help the Palestinians in any way; I do it out of my own conscience, not as a replacement to the Palestinian armed resistance. I don’t need any NGO to tell me to boycott.

BDS basically want to apply the South African model to Palestine; making Israel stop its “apartheid” system by exerting economic and international pressure. Apart from post-apartheid South Africa being anything but God’s heaven on Earth (family friends who lived there hired a personal bodyguard due to how unsafe it is); the South African model applied to Palestine by BDS means that the latter supports the one-state solution, but this one state is…surprise, Israel! They want the illegal state of Israel to stay, but to give the Palestinian natives their rights within that state. This way they are actually helping the state of Israel, by making it abandon apartheid and thus making the Palestinians satisfied with its existence! In short, they can’t even be called as an anti-Israel organization!

AVAAZ partnered with one of the groups of the BDS (Jewish Voice For Peace) on a $100000 campaign, and another BDS group called Coalition of Women For Peace is a partner of the fellow feminist organization called Code Pink (which will be our next NGO to expose). Electronic Intifada; another member of the BDS network, is also financed by Soros and by the European Union.
The Institute For Middle East Understanding (also financed by Soros) supports and promotes BDS and its website designer, Nigel Parry, is one of the founders of the Electronic intifada website.

Code Pink


You know something is wrong with the human society when the establishment itself creates the rebels. This is an NGO from the USA whose members are mostly women, and it’s the “anti-war” type, and they call themselves “leftists” while the truth is that they are just a controlled opposition.

You might have seen this photo below of a Code Pink member flashing her hands coloured with red in front of Condoleezza Rice (who was back then the US Secretary of State) and screamed “the blood of millions of Iraqis is on your hands!” in 2007:


Code Pink is supported by the National Endowment For Democracy (which is directly financed by the US Congress…again, “non-governmental”…), as well as Soros himself. They support BDS and the Occupy Wall Street movement (who are also a kind of false rebellion, and again, funded by Soros). Their founder Medea Benjamin invests in companies such as Caterpillar Inc., whom BDS asks for boycotting because they invest in Israel (hello double standard!)



What, are you shocked? No NGO is innocent, not even the environmentalist ones. Greenpeace once had a stand in some outdoor in my city and it was full of dirt and trash everywhere… sure an “environmentalist” organization is expected to pay attention to hygiene… or not?

Greenpeace is funded by the the Tides Foundation (which is in turn funded by none other than our friend Soros). Ironically, Greenpeace is funded by an oil company as well… strange for an “environmental” organization.

So What?! 

It’s simple. Not anyone who say they are “leftist”, “pro-Palestinian”, “pro-environment”, etc are really what they claim to stand for.

If someone asks you to sign an online petition on AVAAZ, don’t sign. If the Greenpeace guys stop you on the street to explain to you about sea pollution, tell them I don’t have time…or listen to what they’ll say if you’re curious but don’t believe that they’re no more than a bunch of environment-lovers. Whether you drink Coca-Cola or not, you’re free, but don’t let BDS make you think that you’re killing Palestinian children when you do that… what you eat/drink doesn’t matter (and it doesn’t show whether you support the Palestinian cause or not); what matters is what’s inside your mind and heart.


PS: Many data was found on NGO monitor (I know it is biased to Israel, unfortunately, but at least they have the details. If I use a source doesn’t mean I agree with the ideology of its owner. And call me paranoid, but Israelis could be hating on BDS and even exposing it to make us believe that BDS is genuinely anti-Israel. But how can an organization financed by Soros and the EU be truly anti-Israel? I’ll leave this for the readers to answer).