Month: January 2017

Dear teenage girls, Hollywood celebs and liberals in general: keep crying over Obama.


Do you guys even understand politics ? Are you even interested in what’s going on with the world ? Or do you just stay in your small little bubble ? Keep crying over the Obama’s farewell. Keep fangirling over his photos with his wife and kids. Keep picturing him and Lady Obama as the “power couple” who fight for “social justice”. Why? Because he’s black, because he accepted gay marriage, because he’s “anti racist”.

Let’s face it, you are just like Jon Snow: you know nothing. While you kids say “goodbye Obama, goodbye justice, goodbye equality, goodbye sanity”, what would Syrian kids say? What would Libyan kids say? What would Yemeni kids say? What would Iraqi kids say? The answer is “goodbye bombs”.


I’m from Lebanon, and partly Syrian, I consider Syria as my second country. I can’t go there anymore because of the war. Syrian refugees came to Lebanon because of the war, and Lebanon doesn’t even have enough to sustain it’s own population, so how about other populations ?

Do you even watch the news ? Do you actually care about the third world or all this “anti racist” mumbo jumbo is just theatrics ? I’m not saying Trump would be any better. I’m just saying that when you mourn the Obama era, you tell the Syrian kids, the Libyan kids, and all the innocent people who are dying because of his wars that their lives do not matter.

But who cares ? Just go swoon over his photos with his wife.