Month: March 2016

Solidarity with Dilma Rousseff and Lula Da Silva against a “Brazilian Spring”



Let’s face it, European left (and even the Lebanese left) sold out to rich businessmen and corporate NGOs – but not the Latin American left. However, those NGOs, rich businessmen and whoever controls them are NOT pleased that the leftist movement in Latin America is a genuine grassroot movement that opposes US government’s domination over the countries’ resources, economy and policies.

That’s why the operations started to undermine the “Pink Tide“. Huge propaganda from the opposition-controlled media in Venezuela against the ruling left-wing party PSUV (United Socialist Party of Venezuela) lead to the victory of the opposition in the latest parliamentary election in December 2015. That was the first time in 16 years in which the Venezuelan opposition wins over the leftist ruling party in the parliamentary elections.

In Bolivia, the majority voted (in a recent referendum) against the current leftist president Evo Morales running for re-election in 2019. In Argentina, after 8 years of the leftist rule of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, a right-wing president was elected in December 2015. Is all this to show that the end of the “Pink Tide” begun?


The answer to this question remains open. However, it seems that the turn of the largest country in the continent finally came. It appears that the Brazilian opposition won’t even let the president Dilma Rousseff (of the Workers’ Party) continue her presidential term, same as the Venezuelan right-wing not wanting to let the president Nicolas Maduro continue his term in the presidential office (having a majority in the parliament is not enough for them).


The opposition, as usual, uses its most strategic weapon: the media. The Brazilian right-wing media has been linking Rousseff, as well as the ex-president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (also from the ruling Workers’ Party) to a corruption scandal. Both of them have been demonized without any proof against them. Despite that some other politicians of the opposition are also suspected to be involved in that scandal, the media only focuses on Rousseff, da Silva and the Workers’ Party.

Then, president Rousseff appointed da Silva as chief of staff, and opponents suspected that she did this so that he can get away with impunity, though he could still be subjected to the authority of the Brazilian Supreme Court.

anti-government protests in Brazil (image source)

Protests erupted against the ruling party, with coverage from mainstream and western media of course. If those protests were really anti-corruption they would have held ALL those who are suspected to be involved in the scandal as accountable, instead of accusing the president without a proof. Those protests are clearly politically-motivated and have nothing to do with fighting corruption. This won’t be the first time in which the fight against corruption is used for dubious political purposes. Corruption is something which exists in many countries and should be combated by the people within the country, and by reforms, not through protests (stirred by a suspicious agenda from the media) which might turn into a military coup, to bring a government of dictatorship to power which contributes to transform the Latin continent into a “backyard” of the USA as it used to be in the past.

Having opposition parties is necessary for any democratic country. But sometimes there is “opposition” that is not aiming for the benefit of the country but for serving US agenda, and if it is allowed to carry out its activities (that are funded by multi-millionaires and backed by foreign NGOs and think tanks), it might lead the country to end up like Syria or Libya. Brazilians definitely don’t want their country to end up like that.

What is going on in Brazil is a part of a planned attack against the spread of leftist governments in that area. The remaining left-wing governments there must be able to withstand the challenge so that Latin America would remain anti-imperialist.

Say NO to an “Arab Spring” in Brazil! Say no to “regime change” because that change won’t be to the better!