Month: February 2016

Stop “Revolutionizing” celebrities: they ARE a part of the elite!

The world establishment infiltrates causes and directs them to its own benefit. An example mentioned previously here  is the environmental cause, as well as the Palestinian cause through movements like BDS which are highly “politically correct” when it comes to “anti-semitism”; whatever that phrase means…probably means any ideology that is against the illegal state of israel and its genocide against Palestinians. The African American cause is no exception in infiltration, with famous pop singers promoting it and making it “cool”.

Usually NGOs are used to infiltrate causes, as well as celebrities, due to their popularity and “fanbase”. Never, ever put your hopes in celebrities (or NGOs) supporting your cause – because they don’t give a crap about your cause; they only care to please whoever controls them, whether it’s their management, sponsors, or record label. I know it is harsh, but true. Truth will hurt you, shock you, and even offend you. But better than the rosy image you fantasize about.

If those famous actors and singers were genuine supporters of any good cause that contradicts with the interests of the elite (which controls everything from the food you eat till what you see on TV), would they be promoted in the media? Would their music videos be played on MTV? Would their albums sell millions of copies despite them “artists” having little or no talent? Definitely no. The establishment (and the media) won’t promote a true revolutionary or a “dissident voice”. But it makes celebrities APPEAR rebellious anyway. Why? So that they can indoctrinate YOU.

The most recent example is Beyoncé, paying a “tribute” to African American revolutionaries through her performance in the Super Bowl Halftime show, with her stage dancers dressed as Black Panthers (African American radicals).


The activist Ajamu Baraka perfectly explained here what I think about the implication of Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance; I have nothing else to add. In his own words:

“No folks, real opposition to this white supremacist, colonialist/imperialist order is not cool, or sexy. Being a black revolutionary means the possibility of death, it can mean facing decades of incarceration as a political prisoner, it can mean exile or the inability to make a living because your liberal friends consider you dangerous. It is facing the naked power of the national security state with its power to engage in extra-judicial murder with impunity, surveillance and infiltration.”

Yet, people still look up to B as “progressive” and view her as the mother goddess of modern African American feminism. Have they forgotten that she participated in a campaign to ban the word “bossy” (because it was considered as oppressive for women) along with Condolezza Rice who is the most un-progressive black women ever! And this censorship of of words and speech is not “progressive” or “empowering”, it is an Orwellian elite strategy to ban the freedom of expression. Its goal isn’t really to stop people from calling ambitious, charismatic women “bossy”… But it is to stop YOU from calling the elite “bossy”!


In short, stop looking up to B as “progressive”, whatever that word means, because faux-leftists ruined its meaning anyway.

Another elite puppet previously mentioned here is Azealia Banks. She compared African Americans to Jews, which follows the agenda to victimize Jews so that whatever atrocities they commit against Palestinians become forgivable. You might consider this view as “anti-semitic” or whatever but you know what, this is a space free of your “political correctness”. African Americans and Jews can not be compared, you know why? Here’s the difference: African Americans are oppressed but are not committing genocide against anyone, while Zionists are committing genocide in the name of Judaism and they feel they have the right to because of past oppression they have been through themselves.

And then, Azealia promotes the “New-Age” pseudo-spirituality saying that it will empower African Americans if they embrace it; assuming that it was their “Old Religion” before they became Christian (fun fact: New Age movements started in the end of 19th & the beginning of 20th century). The role of New-Age movements in the rise of faux-leftists needs a separate post on its own, so let’s just stick to our topic now.

Azealia, like Beyoncé, pretends to be “progressive” and rebellious and all the hip-cool anarcho-leftist labels you can come up with, while pushing the same old elite agenda concerning the israel issue, and promoting the New-Age thing that is a pseudo-religion which the elite wants the people to embrace instead of of Christianity, Islam… This is the same kind of false rebellion/controlled opposition which the elite wants us to follow instead of genuine grassroot opposition.

And then Azealia complains…


Really? Listen, dearie, if the establishment had any problem with you, would your videos be played on MTV? Would your songs be among the top hits? Would we even know you exist? You ARE a part of the establishment, being a black woman does not automatically place you among an oppressed social class. Don’t fool people to think you’re a female Malcolm X just because you didn’t get an award, while you ARE a part of the profit-oriented capitalist 1%.

And “opinionated black women”? Who is she kidding now? By the mainstream standard which Azealia herself abides by as well, Beyoncé also is an “opinionated black woman” while she drowns in awards, and performs in a huge event in which she promotes black revolution! What more could an “opinionated black woman” wish for?

Let’s move to Angelina Jolie, the philanthropic queen. She says she supports the Palestinian cause while her father, John Voight, is the biggest Zionist in Hollywood, and she herself is pretty much a hypocrite.


She says beautiful words such as:

“I respect all religions. What I don’t respect is when people use religion to attack others. I’ve met people across the world, in the middle of nowhere, who are just trying to survive and all they have is religion. In some way it helps them, and I wouldn’t take it away from them. There are also people who use it to hate and kill. I don’t consider them religious people.”

…and then she openly supports Syrian rebels. Don’t these use religion to kill?

When I see Arabs especially idolizing her all I think of is “sheeple” to be honest.


 Oh, and dear Angelina, taking kids from Asia won’t make you the Mother Teresa of Hollywood.

Beyoncé (and Azealia) infiltrate the African American cause, and Angelina Jolie is for our Arab causes. The latter also supported a campaign  called “KONY 2012”. Many celebrities such as George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey and others were a part of this campaign, which demands that the US interferes in Uganda because of some warlord there, whether he’s dead or alive, nobody knows. This is the exact modus operandi: make people THEMSELVES demand that the US spreads its “democracy” and “liberal values” everywhere, because of some warlord or a “dictator”.


Some would say that such celebrities caring for causes is not bad, they are using their popularity to gain support for good causes. But, again, what kind of “good causes” they are?

Is Jared Leto‘s support for the “rebels” in Ukraine and Venezuela (who are backed by the multi-millionaire George Soros and the US government through National Endowment For Democracy) a good cause? Is censoring speech a good cause? The African American cause is a good cause, but would performing a sexy dance in the Super Bowl halftime help African Americans in any way? You know whom that helps? Not African Americans – not anyone who is oppressed, but it helps the enemies of humanity, and of all free people and nations!