Month: November 2015

I’m Ashamed of My Country


So Lebanon, by lighting our famous rock like that, joined the sheeple of Facebook who changed their profile picture to the French flag as well as those monuments and buildings all over the world being lighted with red, white and blue.

No, this is not another post which complains about the world suddenly showing solidarity with Paris while not with Palestine, Syria and Yemen where people have since long ago suffered from terrorism with its different faces – this is just about Lebanon.

Innocent civilians, women and children have been dying in our neighbor Syria for years, did we light the Syrian flag to show solidarity with them? No. Did we show solidarity with our Palestinian brothers and sisters like that? Definitely no. Did we mourn publicly like that those who died in the recent terrorist attacks in the Lebanese capital? The answer is no.

So better to stop blaming blaming Facebookers and Europeans and Americans and the world for mourning Paris while ignoring Syria and Palestine, and blame ourselves because we ignore our own people, and we ignore our fellow Arabs because we would rather become a French colony again.

Maybe they did it because they wanted to appear in harmony with the latest trends – just like on FB it is a trend to change your profile picture to the French flag, and before it the rainbow flag (I’ll get shunned by the political correctness police for this). Anyway, in short, I lost faith in my country.