Types of the 21st Century Activists in Lebanon

This is an English translation of this post.

In case you want to become an activist promoting chaos in our country, starting an “Arab Spring” in it and generalizing corruption to include all those in the government (including those who are DEDICATED to fighting corruption); then you have to choose which type of activist who serves foreign agenda would you wish to become:

The Media Front: This kind of activist appears on television and promotes the “cause”. He is supposed to be moderate in his speech; so that he can attract support from the people.


The Scapegoat: He’s the opposite of the latter. Extremist in his speech; personally attacks political leaders, relies on the shock method by shamelessly mocking religious beliefs. The rest of the coffee-shop activists picture him as “the bad guy who does not represent us!!1111”. Why do they try so hard to deny him; is it because he shows the true color of this kind of activism?


The Master of Puppets: The mastermind of the whole campaign from behind the scenes. His job is not to promote the campaign in the media; but to pull the strings of the other activists; planning and organizing every move they make. Most probably he got some training in “peaceful protesting” in Europe or USA; or participated in other Arab Spring “revolutions”; this makes him experienced, sophisticated and different from the typical young student-activist who must appear in the image of a simple citizen who is just “fed up”.


The Creative Activist: Now that’s the anonymous guy who designed all those funny, satirical and attractive banners and slogans held by the protesters. Highly focusing on slogans shows that there is no real specific cause which those coffee-shop activists are fighting for.

The Social Media Guy: Mostly anonymous; signed up to Facebook, twitter and Instagram with an account or more, under a pseudonym like “angry citizen”, “peaceful protester” etc… His job is to sit in front of the computer, upload photos of the protest showing the “Lebanese Spring” to the world, create pages for protesting campaigns and call members of those pages to “take the streets”.


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