Syrian, Palestinian & Yemeni kids who die everyday: “What About Us?”


This photo went viral on social media; it’s a photo of a Syrian child who got drowned on the shores of Turkey while he was immigrating with his family trying to reach Greece. Everyone got concerned over it, from the media to officials in European countries. Worldwide newspapers published it on their front covers. Everyone, due to it, became concerned over the issue of illegal immigrants coming from Syria to Europe.



Of course may the child’s soul rest in peace. But why all the fuss about that photo all of a sudden when meanwhile kids inside Syria die everyday due to ISIS, and Yemeni kids die everyday due to the war on their country by Saudi Arabia, and Palestinian kids in Gaza die due to the siege enforced by Israel while no one lifts a finger. Their pics can also be found on some online news media, and as they die they scream to you and me: “what about us?”.

What if this photo is being used as a propaganda and that’s why it became viral and got all this attention? For example, one can show it and say “look at those people leaving Syria for Europe and dying on the way, it’s all the fault of the Syrian president, he should resign and foreign intervention should come to Syria to fix the situation…”

We should care for those immigrants who suffer and die searching for a better life somewhere else, just like we care for those who struggle for their lives in Syria itself, Yemen and everywhere. What’s bad is USING people’s lives to propagate your own agenda.


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