Reply to those who say “God Is A Woman”…


This graffiti was written by the protesters in Beirut which I previously talked about; from the “You Stink” campaign as well as others.

Some religious people (Christians mostly) view God as a male, and in other religions a female Goddess is worshiped. Pagans worship male as well as female Gods, and sometimes those Gods are half-human and half-animal. Whether all this is wrong or right is not my concern here. Religious people sometimes face difficulties in finding a spiritual connection with a divine entity or a creator that is neither male nor female, which they can’t identify with or be close to. So they give this higher power a personification: a name, a gender, and some humanitarian characteristics, whether in a one God/Goddess or several deities.

However, those who write slogans as the one above do not have a religious or spiritual purpose; they just want to use the shock method to rebel, and they don’t even specify what exactly they are rebelling against: some day it’s religion, another day it’s corruption, then it’s the garbage crisis (in Lebanon), another time it’s the politicians/party leaders…nothing particular, no specific aim to be achieved, just rebellion for the sake of rebellion.


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