Who is behind the #YouStink (‏#طلعت_ريحتكم‬) Campaign in Lebanon?


Recently, the capital of Lebanon is witnessing another Lebanese Spring (like the Arab Spring; with the first Lebanese one being the Cedar Revolution in 2005).

The country is already full of economic problems, corruption, sectarianism and so on, and above all those came the garbage crisis. All this is what the #YouStink campaign claims to be protesting against in Beirut. That’s why they call their campaign #YouStink ; it is directed to corrupt politicians who do not solve the garbage crisis effecting Lebanon. The protests began peacefully; but they ended up with violence where people with covered faces started breaking glasses of cars, shop fronts, throwing stuff at the security forces and removing street signs out of their places.

The organizers of the #YouStink campaign said that those who started using violence are merely infiltrators; and insisted that peaceful protesting is the way which their campaign follows. Whether those violent rioteers were really infiltrators or a part of the original campaign is not the question.

The protesters claim to be ”leftist” and ”secular”; though they were shouting slogans that were used by Islamists during the Arab Spring in countries like Egypt. #YouStink claims; on its Facebook page to be a ”grassroot organization”. However; their coordinator Imad Bazzi is trained by Otpor. Otpor, with its CANVAS Institution, trains activists (with financial support from George Soros) and it is behind the Arab Spring, as well as opponent activism in places like Iran, Latin America, etc… The purpose of ”activists” of this kind is not to fight corruption, or to solve anything (like the garbage crisis for example)…history has proven that their purpose is to destabilize countries.


Our friend Imad Bazzi; the Otpor-backed activist and coordinator of #YouStink is also a blogger, ex TV/Radio host, and currently working as a councillor for a local Lebanese TV channel. The Foreign Policy Magazine picked him, in 2011, as one of the Most influential Bloggers in the Mediterranean.


He is also an environmental activist who previously worked for Greenpeace. I previously exposed the hypocrisy of environmental activism and the fact that those misanthropes are after depopulating the planet (from the populations of third world countries of course; because ”let those savages die, who cares”) rather than solving the environmental problems; in addition to cooperating with and getting financed by companies who pollute the environment.

Mr. Bazzi also was one of those who protested asking the ex-Lebanese president Emile Lahoud to resign the presidency in 2006. Emile Lahoud is a pride for us Lebanese Christians, and for all Lebanon as well, because he supports the Lebanese armed resistance against Israel. That’s why activists serving a foreign agenda do not like him.

We want reforms in Lebanon; we want the garbage crisis to be solved. But destabilizing the country won’t solve anything; it would make it worse. And it’s time to tell Soros and Otpor: You Stink!



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