What Environmentalists Are Really After

Environmental NGOs are not an innocent bunch of hippies and environment-lovers; instead, they have purposes which have nothing to do with the environment. Here’s a simple story to clarify that.

In Ecuador, a country in Latin America, there’s a national park called Yasuni, and it is characterized by it’s indigenous Native American population and a large amount of biodiversity.


The problem is, under this area there is black gold — oil! Since Ecuador is not a rich country and needs to flourish its economy, oil needs to be extracted. And thus the Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa suggested a solution: The Yasuni-ITT Initiative; in which the UN raises donations of $3.6 billion (half of the estimated value of the oil reserves under that park) by 2020 for Ecuador, in exchange that the Ecuadorian government “leaves the oil in the soil”.


However, only $13 million were raised by 2013. This caused Correa, the president, to end the initiative, saying that “the world failed Ecuador“.

Then, directly, them environment-lovers went furious. A member of an NGO called “Amazon Watch” (based in the USA) said that drilling the oil in that national park is equivalent to “ignoring a ticking time bomb for the entire planet“.


Photo: Environmentalists protesting in the Ecuadorian capital; Quito, against oil drilling in the Yasuni National Park. Source

In other words, Correa agreed not to drill the oil, on condition that he gets international compensation, because a country like Ecuador basically relies on oil for its economy. When they didn’t compensate in a sufficient way, of course he will go back to drilling! The UN and the international community could have avoided all the possible damages of drilling which they keep complaining about, but they weren’t willing to. And now they won’t leave Correa alone.

The question is, why all of a sudden those environmentalists rallied their forces in this instance, while when some famous oil company such as ExxonMobil or Chevron is involved, no one moves a muscle or makes a fuss in the media? Because those NGOs secretly cooperate with those multi-national corporations and get funded by them (Greenpeace itself is funded by Chevron, remember?). NGOs rush to stop a third world like Ecuador from developing itself, while corporations do whatever they will, damaging the environment without being held accountable.

This is said because there is another environmental disaster in Ecuador, but no one talks about it. Why? surprise – Chevron is behind it! Chevron dumped more than 18 billion barrels of toxic wastes in the rainforest in Ecuador, causing the indigenous population there to suffer from several kinds of diseases. The most important question is : where are the environmentalists?


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