Here’s something for radical environmentalists to think about…

Unfortunately, those “activists” do not have the word “logic” in their dictionary. They turn the whole problem of pollution and environmental degradation into a clash of humans vs. nature which simple-minded people who have no will to think or learn are able to grasp. Depopulating the earth is suggested by environmental NGOs as a solution, directly or indirectly.

However, the natural food-chain contains humans as well as other species, and anyone who studied biology in high school knows that if one specie is depopulated then the whole chain is disrupted and the natural balance is disturbed. so depopulating humans, just like depopulating any other specie, won’t solve the problem but would make it worse.

“But people are not like any other specie, they destroy the environment and should be depopulated!!!!!!111111″ For the surprise of the environmental activists, it’s not humans who pollute the earth. Since the beginning of history, humans were in harmony with earth. The ancient tribes used to perform a certain ritual before they kill an animal or cut a tree, to take permission from Mother Nature.

So who is causing pollution?

Better to ask, what is causing pollution?

It’s capitalism and Multi-National Corporations, who only seek to endlessly expand their profit at the expense of humans, animals, and nature. They are the ones destroying not only the environment, but destroying humanity as well. Those same corporations and companies with which the “environmental” NGOs cooperate. So, how about a new equation, easier and more realistic than humans vs. nature, it is corporations vs. humans and nature.


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