Why extreme environmentalism serves ANYTHING but the environment:

No matter whether you believe in one god or more, you know that humans and the environment were created to compliment each other; so no one is more important than the other. Even if you don’t believe in any god, you know that humans and nature are supposed to be in harmony. However, this is not how extreme environmentalists think.

Extreme environmentalists are your typical peace-loving-tree-hugging-hippie-dippies who value the environment above humans, and they’re usually vegan. They adopt a Malthusian view in which they blame the world problems, especially the environmental problems and pollution, on the rapid increase in the world population. They consider that “Earth can’t bear anymore”.

Protecting the environment is necessary, but not at the expense of humans. However, misanthropic extreme environmentalists think it’s the only way. If you “hate humans”, hate them because they abandon their humanity. If humanity is revived, then the world problems, including those related to the environment, would be solved. But for extreme environmentalists, get rid of humans and then Earth can sustain itself. Radical feminists benefit from this view to promote their abortion agenda. The problem, however, is not the over-population. There is enough wealth for everyone on earth and even more than that; the problem is the unequal distribution. Extreme environmentalists remain blind to this fact.

Also, extreme environmentalists do mot lift a finger when it comes to pollution unless some third world country wants to develop its industry and technology; then environmental NGOs start “screaming” and defending the environment. Developing countries improving themselves to become independent from the global market is not allowed!



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