How To Be A Modern Day Feminist:

1. Treat your uterus like a trash can

2. Say you want equality but consider all men as inferior to women

3. Don’t mind the objectification of women in the media but mind the dress codes at school/work

4. Claim to be “independent” but you want everything handed over to you on a silver plate

5. Hate on anyone who doesn’t consider themselves as “feminist”

6. Consider that all men are born rapist and should be punished

7. Consider someone like Nicki Minaj as a “good idol for kids”

8. Say you are”pro-choice”but you only support the choice YOU WANT.

10. Consider objectifying women (NOT by the media but by individual men) as a crime but objectifying men is OK

11. The only men you accept are gay, transgender & those who are rich or celebrities

12. label anyone who disagrees with you as “misogynic” even if they’re females

If you satisfy all those conditions then congrats, you are a modern day feminist.


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